The landscape of the lakes suggests tranquillity and at the same time is a source of unexpected emotions, it is designed by light and at the same time by the most disquieting shadows. In literature as in painting and garden art, the theme of the lake – which is linked to that of water – has been a source of great inspiration. The lake is a mirror, reflecting the ideal microcosm of the garden, the chromatic variety of nature that grows on its shores.

Lake gardens have their own peculiarity and recognisability. There are many in Italy that have a specific attraction in the presence of a lake basin. The favourable microclimate and protection from the winds have offered the possibility of creating particular botanical worlds. The creation of villas and gardens marked by the most extraordinary variety has characterized the evolution of the landscape of many lakes. The gardens around the lakes of Como, Garda and Maggiore, which were created mainly in the eighteenth century and in the second half of the nineteenth century as a refuge for noble families in search of the peace and quiet of a small ancient world, have particular characteristics: the prevailing plants are suited to acid soil and a humid climate, with spring and summer blooms of rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias.

Often sloping steeply down to the water, many gardens around lakes are on terracing that offers spectacular views out over the waters and surrounding mountains, as well as protecting and framing the lake.

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