Enriched by works of contemporary art, a kaleidoscope of thematic gardens unfolds around a neo-Gothic castle where Sissi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, used to stay, a veritable botanical garden that recreates eighty different climatic habitats.

When they first opened to the public in 2001, these gardens immediately became a big attraction for the varied spectacle of art and nature that they offer. A fascinating trail through different types of garden unfolds on twelve hectares of steep terrain originally used for agricultural purposes, encompassing a height difference of over a hundred metres. The eighty botanical habitats are divided into four major themed areas: “Woods of the World,” with American and Asian forests reproduced in miniature; “Sun Gardens,” with Mediterranean plants that thrive thanks to their sunny location, including Italy’s northernmost olive tree; the “Water and Terraced Gardens,” packed with references to historic gardens, from “Italian-style” to Japanese gardens; and the “Landscapes of South Tyrol,” with heirloom varieties of local crops. Arid environments have been reconstructed too, with succulent plants and a palm grove, while a pond with water lilies provides a perfect backdrop for spectacular events. The gardens offer attractions all year round thanks to a succession of blooms, works of art and, enriching its appeal, the large roster of events held here. Ten pavilions created by contemporary artists interpret this particular element of garden decor conceived for shelter and rest in a modern way. Each one is dedicated to a different botanical theme.