This itinerary winds along the foothills bordering the Po Valley and the Western Alps, offering an assortment of landscape gardens, ranging from the 19th-century compositions of Xavier Kurten to the blissful biodiversity of the more contemporary acclimatisation garden at Villa Bricherasio. Due to their geographical location, these green spaces benefit from a special microclimate favourable to the cultivation of exceptional botanical collections that deliver continuous year-through flowerings.

The relationship with the natural scenery of the Alps, from the Cadibona hill to Monterosa, is another central and common theme of the gardens of this area: skilful openings in the centuries-old vegetation of these parks reveal fascinating views, in which the majestic Monviso stands out omnipresent. The gardens are spread out between the Pinerolo area, at the entrance to the Pellice, Germanasca and Chisone valleys, and the ancient marquisate of Saluzzo, home to unique examples of late-Gothic chivalric art.

A further trait d’union connecting a number of these residences is the historicist and troubadourinterpretation of the Middle Ages. Enlarged and renovated during the first half of the 19th century, these mansions offer an anthology of Piedmont-style Gothic Revival, reflecting the House of Savoy’s idealised reading of the media aetas, the Middle Ages, promoted and celebrated by Charles Albert.

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