Parco Villa Gregoriana – FAI

10 July - 28 August 2021
Parco Villa Gregoriana – FAI
Night at the park: perceptions in the dark

From July 10 to August 28 at the Villa Gregoriana Park, there will be a special visit at night, among sounds, smells and perspectives. A guided tour in the dark, to relive together the experience that in the nineteenth century led to the creation of the romantic garden of Parco Villa Gregoriana, the botanical garden of Pope Gregory XVI, among exotic plants and breathtaking views.

  • At sunset, the visit will allow you to rediscover the details that make Villa Gregoriana a unique piece of landscape architecture, emulating the descent that artists and painters used to make by torchlight. A new interpretation of the garden, in the footsteps of the sensitive nineteenth-century man who sought to establish a balance with nature.
  • At the end of the visit, the journey continues between taste and smell with a small wine and food tasting.

For reservations, please see the following link.