In the Vallata del Tronto, among the gentle Marche hills, German landscaper Ludwig Winter expressed his great love for palm trees using them to line this garden’s winding paths.

Located on the site of an old fortified structure, the complex comprises an 18th-century villa, agricultural outbuildings and a 17th-century frescoed oratory dedicated to Saint Pancras. Part of the property today is an exclusive tourist retreat. The design of the elegant park was commissioned in 1875 by the owner of the property, Vincenzo Carfratelli Seghetti, to botanist, nursery specialist, and garden designer Ludwig Winter, creator of important gardens along the Ligurian and French Rivieras. His work translated in a pleasant combination of ample undulating flowerbeds, winding gravel paths, a rocaille mixtilinear lake where water lilies and lotus flowers grow profusely, crossed by a small bridge and with a small island in the center. The park is home to a magnificent collection of large trees – authentic botanical rarities – as well as numerous palm trees of which Ludwig was an expert.