A garden teeming with water and plant life along the banks of the Tagliamento River, offering contemplative times to an illustrious guest of the Kechlers: writer Ernest Hemingway.

This centuries-old agricultural estate dedicated to rice cultivation – once very popular in this lowland area – was acquired by the Gaspari family in the 19th century. The family commissioned Udine-based architect Andrea Scala, who had studied under Venetian designer Giuseppe Jappelli (repsonsible for the park at Villa Hierschel, in nearby Precenicco), to redesign and enhance the manor house. Of limited extension, the park stretches out along the bank of the Tagliamento River, arranged in a picturesque, ring-shaped route on which the lush vegetation is to a large extent autochthonous, with some additions of exotic origin. The edges of small ponds – connected by bridges and interspersed with islets – are marked by specimens of bald cypress (Taxodiumdistichum). The villa, which became the property of the De Asarta family at the end of the 19th century, passed on to the Kechler family in the 20th century. In recent decades, owner Ciccinella Kechler has restored the park to its original beauty, taking care of it with great dedication and opening up views that had long been lost to exuberant vegetation growth.