Il Vittoriale degli Italiani

7 August - 25 September 2021
Il Vittoriale degli Italiani

Every Saturday until September 25, at the Vittoriale degli Italiani will be held the fourth edition of“I Notturnali“, evening openings and visits to the house of D’Annunzio and the Park, accompanied by the evocative night lighting.

If the night is the moment that most inspired d’Annunzio’s words, it is still the most evocative opportunity to visit the places where his verses took shape: in the year of its centenary, the Vittoriale degli Italiani is reborn in all its spaces at the end of the project Reconquest, which has led to the restoration and recovery of all its countless corners, squares, monuments and objects, and returns to open its doors to visitors in the evening hours.

Visitors will be welcomed at 9.00 pm at the ticket office of the Vittoriale. The evening will begin with an aperitif at the Dolphin Fountain. This is followed by a guided tour of the Mas and the Nave Puglia, a free visit to the new exhibition of the Centenary One Hundred and One Hundred Years of the Vittoriale degli Italiani and a guided tour of the Priory.

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