Labirinto della Masone

22 May 2021 - 20 March 2022
Labirinto della Masone
History of a sign

“If the image of the labyrinth has a millennial history, this means that for tens of thousands of years man has been fascinated by something that somehow speaks to him about the human or cosmic condition.” (Umberto Eco)

From 22 May to 26 September 2021, at the Labirinto della Masone, there will be the multimedia exhibition Umberto Eco, Franco Maria Ricci. LABIRINTHS History of a sign. The exhibition, realized under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and the Emilia-Romagna Region, is part of the program of activities of Parma 2020+21 Italian Capital of Culture.

Thanks to innovative multimedia installations by NEO (Narrative Environments Operas), author of prestigious digital art projects, the Labyrinth will be transformed into a real metal maze, introducing the visitors to a apath of words and thoughts, among scenographic and digital installations and important loans, to discover the history and the meaning of one of the most ancient symbols in the world.

The exhibition will be developed in four rooms, where visitors will be accompanied by the voice and words of personalities linked to Ricci’s history, such as Umberto Eco and Jorge Luis Borges.