Castello di Miradolo

15 May 2021 - 15 May 2022
Castello di Miradolo
BEYOND THE GARDEN – The spelling book of Paolo Pejrone

On the occasion of the 80th birthday of the great architect Paolo Pejrone, from May 15, 2021, at the Castle of Miradolo, there will be a major exhibition dedicated to the projects and thought of the architect. Graduated in Architecture with Carlo Mollino, collaborator of Russel Page and Roberto Burle Marx, Paolo Pejrone is the author of some of the most important and significant gardens in the world.

The exhibition, curated by Paola Eynard and Roberto Galimberti, will be developed around the concept of abbecedario: an ideal path, in strict dis – alphabetical order, of thoughts, references, doubts and hopes, to learn to read not only the garden but the great themes that, in contemporary times, represent the challenge in the relationship between man and environment. The A for anarchy and trees, the T for time, the P for patience, the S for dreams, the C for calm – you need it in the garden, the O for vegetable garden – the passion of a lifetime, are just a few examples.
Crucial elements of the project will be the seasonality of exposure and the exhibition routeThe exhibition will take place not only in the fifteen historical rooms of Miradolo Castle, in San Secondo di Pinerolo, but also in the six hectares of the English-style park surrounding the ancient residence, where it is possible to see some botanical species from all over the world and five monumental trees.

The exhibition will last one year and will take the visitor on a journey “beyond the garden”.through the thought, the philosophy, the personal and secret “world” of Paolo Pejrone: the words will build an imaginary dialogue with important works of art, from Fortunato Depero to Filippo De Pisis, from Jessie Boswell to Giulio Paolini, from Piero Gilardi to Paolo Paschetto, author of the emblem of the Italian Republic, and with objects, photographs, watercolors, projects, memorabilia, video installations that will change over time.
The exhibition will be completed by a dedicated sound installation, curated by the artistic project Avant-dernière pensée. The project will also make it possible to visit theCastle Garden, designed by the architect specifically for Miradolo Castle.