Orto Botanico di Palermo

30 July - 31 August 2021
Orto Botanico di Palermo
Anima Mundi

Until August 31 at theBotanical Garden of Palermo, the exhibition“Anima Mundi” a midsummer light experience.

Anima Mundi is a journey to discover the secrets that are hidden at sunset among the gnarled trunks and foliage of the Botanical Garden of Palermo. A magical and immersive experience created by Odd Agency to transport the public into an imaginary place populated by fantastic presences and in contact with the soul of the world.

From Tuesday to Sunday, the visits will be distributed in 10 shifts, starting at 9.00 pm. The route will run for about 700 meters inside the Garden and will last 45/60 minutes.

For further information please visit the Anima Mundi website