Nestling in the Brianza hills between Milan and Lake Como, Villa Medici Giulini and its three-hectare gardens attract visitors for its intimate atmosphere of music, art and culture.

Likely dating back to the 16th century, Villa Medici Giulini stands on the top of a low hill that was a village in medieval times. From its river terrace, it looks out over the meandering Lambro River. Against a backdrop transformed by Brianza’s recent urban expansion, the villa’s main facade is turned towards its park; consequently, from the outside, its true architectural complexity is hidden. With a raised central body and a three-arch loggia, the building is part of a larger rural estate. A courtyard and two small symmetrical buildings (known as “the Cappuccine”) divides the villa from an Italian garden composed of four large flowerbeds with a simple boxwood parterrebordered by hornbeam wings. A line of perspective continues down a long avenue of poplars and cypresses. After 1721 – when the villa appeared on the land register as belonging to Maria Theresa of Austria –the formal garden was supplemented by an English-style area towards the Lambro valley, featuring winding paths and lawns alternating with clumps of tall trees, including rare and exotic species that, today, are of considerable size. This portion of the garden is filled with remarkable blooming hydrangeas and roses of rare and special varieties, along with a collection of azaleas that includes a rare “pearl of the lake” that blossoms in extraordinary colours each spring. Today, the property hosts many different types of events at its conference centre, rooms for concerts and music recordings, spaces for weddings and parties, and accommodation facilities.