A vast garden-park, stemming from the passion for gardens of the Sigurtà family, who has been able to create a setting full of appeal restoring historical testimonies dating back to the early 15th century: with its emerald green lawns, spectacular avenues, flowering gardens, pools and mazes this garden-park is a charming mix of new and old, carefully designed to deliver a visually outstanding result.

A spectacularly green grass carpet, vast wooded areas, avenues and paths are the core components of this park to which, year after year, important elements have been added: the bizarre shaped boxwoods, the water gardens, the officinal herb garden, and the maze. A venture begun in 1941, when the pharmaceutical businessman Giuseppe Carlo Sigurtà undertook an impressive transformation of the area he had just bought, expanding it from the initial 22 hectares to the current 60 hectares. The design of the park, for which Sigurtà required the assistance of English landscaper Henry Cocker, is aimed at the preservation of the historical identity of the location that over the centuries was a 15th century “brolo cinto de mura” (a garden surrounded by walls) and then a late 18th-century landscape garden by Antonio Maffei. The Eremo (hermitage) and the Castelletto, two Gothic Revival buildings that Marquis Maffei had added to his garden, were restored and integrated into the current park design. The abundant water resources dating back to the Maffei era, when the family had gained permission to use the water of the nearby Mincio for irrigation purposes, today still ensure the luxuriant growth of park’s vegetation and vibrant blooms.