This garden, property of the Marquess of San Giuliano, is a beautiful example of contemporary garden, a result of a mix of exotism and old Sicilian traditions, with majestic trees and flowering, fragrant, aromatic paths.

San Giuliano is a very old, large farm owned by the Marquess Paternò-Castello dating back to the fifteenth century. It is surrounded by fertile land planted with vineyards and centuries-old olive trees that, starting in the nineteenth century was in great part reconverted to a citrus grove. Immersed in sixty hectares of orange groves, the garden was planted in 1974 translating the tropical tastes the owner Giuseppe di San Giuliano had acquired during his stay in Brazil. In the 1990s, following Oliva di Collobiano’s design, the “Giardinetto” (Little garden) was created and entrusted to the care of English gardener Rachel Lamb. Divided into four areas this green area is bordered by small dry-stone walls and irrigated by the “saje”, the traditional narrow canals of Arab origin. Each area has a theme: the Arab garden with ponds and water lilies; the tropical garden with palms and large cacti; the aromatic garden, with Italian strawflower, lavender, thyme, sage, common myrtle, rock rose and other perfumed plants; lastly the Mediterranean garden with grapefruit and roses. On the lawn area stretching in front of the chapel and the main house there is a rich assortment of palms including Brahea palm, Archontophoenix and Washingtonia trees. At the main entrance there is a cacti and succulents garden and majestic examples of Chorisia silk floss tree, the enormous Phytolacca Dioica and a collection of ficus trees, amongst which the magnificent Ficus australis stands out together with a beautiful example of Ficus magnolioides with its impressive root system, planted in 1959 in the courtyard covered in bougainvillea and caper bushes. The garden is crossed by mosaic cobblestone paths and embellished with amphoras and ancient vases.