In the homeland of the Franciscan order there are several examples of a subtle and harmonious way of living in a villa. Among the many dwelling typologies that characterise the Umbrian landscape, large country villas are the most elegant expressions: economic and productive estates as well as summer residences and countryside aristocracy status symbols. Mostly owned by the nobility and the upper middle-class families, villas in Umbria are connected to urban culture, as indicated by their concentration around the main cities of the region

Most of these villas are located on the first hills overlooking the main valleys: their entrance avenues, buildings, gardens and parks all connect the properties with the surrounding agricultural landscape. Those overlooking the upper Tiber Valley, are closer to the tradition of Tuscan Medici villas, such as the Castles of Solfagnano and Bufalini; the areas closer to the Roman Curia, are home to the estates of the princes of the church and their families, such as Villa Colle del Cardinale and Villa Fidelia.

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