Villa Fidelia

3 - 5 September 2021
Villa Fidelia
The city in your pocket

From Friday 3 to Sunday, September 5 at the former riding track of Villa Fidelia, will be held the first edition of “The city in your pocket” a village of free games for children between 3 and 11 years.

During the three days, Villa Fidelia will be transformed into a city for children to host workshops, games, sports designed for them. There are various activities that young visitors can try out: sports activities such as figure skating, fencing, judo; creative workshops with recycled materials, sculpture, art therapy, readings and much more.

The “The city in your pocket” – conceived and promoted by The Community La Tenda Cooperativa Sociale and by Dedi-Care, under the patronage of the Province and Municipality of Spello – is realized thanks to the contribution of the Valter Baldaccini Foundation, with the collaboration of associations in the area that deal with childhood in various ways.

Reservations are required. In case of bad weather the activities will be cancelled.