Castello di Pralormo

20 June - 31 October 2021
Castello di Pralormo

At the Castle of Pralormo, every Sunday until October 31 (except August), will be held“The adventures of Mr. Binoculars“, an activity dedicated to children, to learn while having fun.

“Mr. Binoculars, is a rather funny character who, with a strange hot air balloon, has been flying over the Castle for centuries, observing what the
children, for whom he collected toys all over the world. Mr. Binoculars’ greatest friend is Lord Baloon (from his
name you can guess his passion for flying) and lives in England; he designs hot air balloons and Binocolo builds them. Mr. Binoculars lives at the Castle and in the park where he has his workshop, while Lord Baloon has a country house in England in which he designs.
They travel all over the world, with a preference for Europe where they fly in hot air balloons. Their missions are to have fun, challenge themselves and bring back from around the world evidence of where they have landed, namely: games, toys for both adults and children, strange and incomprehensible objects. Upon returning from each trip they gather friends and fans to recount their adventures and show what they brought.”.

How to participate

Starting from Mr. Binocolo’s workshop, the children are invited, using a map that they will receive at the entrance, to go in search of his tools and implements that he has lost in the park.
At the end of the search all the children receive a gift from NewHolland, a regular supporter of Pralormo Castle.
The activity is free and suitablefor children aged 5 to 12 years. Each child can, accompanied by a parent, go in search of the objects with the help of a map that they will receive at the entrance of the park.

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