Conservatorio Botanico “I Giardini di Pomona”

5 September 2021
Conservatorio Botanico “I Giardini di Pomona”

Sunday, September 5, from 4.00 p.m. at the Conservatory Botanical “The Gardens of Pomona” will host the sixth edition of “Pomologica“, the exhibition with over one hundred varieties of figs from around the world.

The day’s programme will unfold around the exhibition, which will include a guided tour of the conservatory, also in English, and the observation and presentation of the varieties on display. Pomona’s feast will culminate in the tasting of the most generous, succulent and gluttonous of fruits.

The event will be enriched this year by a special moment. At sunset the actor Paolo Panaro will read an anthology of excerpts from Horcynus Orca, the masterpiece of the writer Stefano D’Arrigo.

Reservations for the event are required.