Castello di Miradolo

11 December 2021
Castello di Miradolo
Half an hour with… Roberto Galimberti

Saturday, December 11 at 11:30 am at the Park and Castle of Miradolo will be held the meeting with Roberto Galimberti, around the exhibition “Oltre il giardino. The spelling book of Paolo Pejrone”.

The conversation is part of the exhibition “La mostra racconta. Mezz’ora con…”, a series of in-depth appointments in the company of art and music experts, artists and collectors, starting in September.

Theme of the meeting: “Women painters in Turin in the 1940s: Evelina Alciati, Jessie Boswell, Dafne Casorati, Nella Marchesini”.

The meetings are planned and organized by Fondazione Cosso, curated by Paola Eynard and Roberto Galimberti, in collaboration with Enrica Melossi.

Free admission for visitors to the exhibition.