Author’s Gardens

17 - 19 September 2021
Author’s Gardens

From Friday 17 to Sunday 19 September, at Piazza sull’Acqua, theAutumn edition of “Author’s Gardens” returns, a tribute to the earth, colours, landscape and art.

The autumn edition will have the flavour of something indispensable and necessary, like the earth which, with its seasonality, dispenses gifts and teaches us to respect the times and cycles of nature. And it is precisely from the fruits of the earth that we feel the need to start again, imagining September blossoms, autumn gardens and laid tables.

Our best colors will be those that will provide the nurserymen with the wonderful botanical collections, the producers of the Giardini Farm Market with the raw materials, designers and craftsmen with the artifacts and creativity.

The land, fruits, and colors of the fall blooms will mix with art, landscape, music, food, and scheduled events to create a unique event dedicated to beauty, nature, and the city.

During the three days there will be many events scheduled for adults and children: guided tours of the new spaces in the city, gardening and creative workshops, gourmet appointments with producers and chefs, paths of art and excursions on the water to the Bridge of Tiberius, which in 2021 celebrates its first two thousand years and will also be the setting for this edition of Giardini d’Autore.

The Bridge of Tiberius, the Via Emilia, the journey and the land will inspire the evening events of Giardini d’Autore. From Rimini to Piacenza from food to art and music, a sensory journey that will lead the public to discover the roots, tradition, innovation and creativity that have always distinguished these places and these cities.

For further information on the programme of the three days, consult the following link